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BCF Race Team

Since 2009, Bloomington Cycle has been proud to sponsor a local race team of dedicated riders across all cycling disciplines. We have grown considerably over the years and are always welcoming new cyclists to join. If you have any questions, contact us. Below is a list of our amazing athletes.

Scott Davis
Lori Hinds
Beth Billing
Aaron Fader
Bill Perry
Brad Reid
Byrce Walters
Chris Daniels
Dan Boser
Don Fogler
Drew Billing
Gerrit Sinclair
Jon Kiner
Ken Hoepker
Mark Tank
Mick Hannah
Nate Shaw
Tom Keller
Randy Tornquist
Tomahawk Wallace
Tony Kerr
Ryan Bertrand
Mike Wolford
Robert Clark
Alex Conklin
Ben Sterrett
Curtis Baldwin
Yannick Le Boulch
Tim Larsen
Andy Kubiak
Tom Nevills
Ryan Cox
Nick Ramirez
Vicken Chalian
Steve Codding
Matt Wilcoski
Scott Joyce