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Bike Repair Services

Bike Repair Services & Tune Ups

Bloomington Cycle's skilled service team offers a full range of services and repairs. Turn around time is determined by number of bikes in-queue at drop off, and we will do our best to accommodate your needs. Depending on our schedule, we will offer "quick-fix" repairs while you wait - you can even grab a latte in our cafe and watch us work! Certain bicycles will have additional charges based on technology and/or parts required. We will do our best to give you an accurate estimate at check in, but mechanics may have to contact you with final charges upon further examination of your bicycle. *Please note* labor costs/packages do not include price of extra parts, if needed. PICK UP & DELIVERY NOW AVAILABLE - CALL FOR DETAILS!

Bike Tune-Up Services



True Wheels

Adjust All Bearings

Adjust Brakes

Torque Cranks

Lube Drive-train

Properly Inflate Tires

Wipe down Frame*

*Excessively dirty bicycles will incur additional charge. We recommend the Complete Package for your mud-caked mountain bike.



All Basic Service, Plus:

Clean Drive-train

Complete Bike Wash

New Bike Feel


All Basic/Complete Plus:

Remove & Replace all Cables & Housing**

Bleed Brakes

**Price of cables and housings or brake fluid not included.

The Total Package


A Prior Package Service Plus:

Complete Disassembly and Overhaul

Walk-ins Also Welcome 

A La Carte Services

Our Professional Service Team has earned many cycling industry certifications and is fluent in all things bicycle, including suspension overhaul and most E-Bikes.  One of our professional staff would be glad to look over your bike and give you recommendations on the most effective package for your needs, or any a La Carte options including, but not limited to: 


  • Flat tire repair
  • Replace tire(s)
  • Replace broken spoke(s)
  • Install front or rear
  • Re-tension, dishing and truing
  • Wheel Building (master wheel-builder on staff)
  • Hub bearing overhaul
  • Replace cassette


  • Replace cable(s)
  • Replace shoes
  • Bleed hydraulic disc brakes
  • Disc-brake rotor repair
  • Hydraulic disc brake line repair/replace
  • Install and adjust 


  • Clean 
  • Complete drive-train service (inspect, repair, adjust: cables, bottom bracket, crank-set, derailleurs)
  • Replace chain (may need to replace cassette, too)
  • Replace cassette
  • Replace chain-ring(s)
  • Replace crank-set and bottom bracket
  • Adjust front derailleur
  • Adjust rear derailleur
  • Replace front derailleur
  • Replace rear derailleur
  • Install new derailleurs and shifters
  • Replace shift cable(s)
  • Derailleur hanger (frame) repair/replacement
  • Remove pedals
  • Install pedals
  • Overhaul pedal bearings


  • Adjust headset
  • Overhaul headset
  • Replace headset
  • Replace handlebars
  • Replace stem
  • Replace handlebar tape
  • Replace handlebar grips


  • Overhaul headset
  • Overhaul/replace bottom bracket
  • Overhaul hub(s)
  • Overhaul pedals
  • Overhaul derailleur pulleys


  • Check/align dropouts
  • Replace fork
  • Tune front and rear suspension
  • Tune suspension: fork
  • Tune suspension: shock
  • Suspension fork overhaul
  • Rear shock overhaul
  • Steel frame alignment/repair
  • Frame preparation for assembly (thread chase & face)
  • Derailleur hanger (frame) repair/replacement


  • Box bike for shipping
  • Build boxed bike 
  • Bike Wash
  • Firmware Updating
  • Install any accessories
  • Pick-Up and Delivery by appointment